We are passionate about developing people teams and organizations to be their best.

Leadership and being part of a successful team is a serious business, but it should be enjoyable. To fulfill its potential an organization needs invested, cohesive teams that share clear goals. Creating a coaching style of leadership allows people to thrive and teams to flourish. Growing a culture of leaders at all levels improves productivity and individual resilience. People who feel valued, empowered and who are invested in their organization, work together to create success.

How we will work with you and your organization

First we meet with you and work together to understand your development needs. Then we tailor a plan that is specific to you. This may include one or some of the following approaches.

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Developing Individual Talent, Leadership skills and Resilience
  • Developing a coaching approach to leadership
  • Executive coaching
  • Goal setting, time management and improving personal productivity
  • Developing more effective communication skills
  • Improving personal impact and presentation skills
  • Developing individual resilience through coaching – managing challenges and change, preventing stress leave and aiding successful return to work

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Team Building and Development
  • Team building through shared experience of challenges outdoors – understanding how to replicate these successes at work
  • Building resilient teams which embrace challenge
  • Improving communication and managing conflict
  • Building team identity
  • Creating a shared vision
  • Developing investment and ownership through empowering leaders at all levels

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Empowering your Organization to Sustain Success
  • Creating a culture of leaders at all levels
  • Developing a coaching culture
  • Developing a clear strategic plan


  • Developing an operational plan
  • Change management
  • Creating a shared vision
  • Culture building
  • Creating a positive working environment which people value, protect and invest in

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Inspirational Talks, Seminars & Presentations

Learn transferable lessons, which will improve your leadership and the performance of your organization, whilst being entertained and inspired by our experiences of leading high performing teams in extreme environments.

  • Inspirational and motivational talks
  • Seminars
  • After dinner speeches

A bit about us and our culture


We have over 20 years of experience in leading teams and developing leadership skills in others. Using a coaching style, and empowering leaders at all levels has allowed us to build motivated teams, able to operate in the most of testing of conditions. Our team has a broad range of experience in the private, public and not for profit sectors. This experience includes leading and developing teams for military operations, in disaster relief situations, in business, in health care, in government, in emergency services, on expeditions and with sports teams.

We practice what we preach, coming into your organization with quick fixes will not result in long term solutions. We aim to give you and your teams the leadership skills to make lasting changes in your organization and its culture. Our team believes that leadership and team building is a collaborative process which should be empowering and enjoyable. People excel when they are motivated and engaged.