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Empowering your Organization to Sustain Success

Creating a culture of leaders at all levels

Creating ownership and responsibility throughout an organization allows opportunities to be grasped and maximises efficiency. Trust, empowerment and clear objectives, allows teams to flourish solving problems and making decisions at all levels. This frees leaders to work more efficiently focussing on the bigger picture. We believe everyone has a contribution to make and set an expectation of “stepping up”. Our heritage is founded on breaking the ‘culture of dependency’ and getting decisions made at the right levels by the right people.

Developing a clear strategic plan

A clear vision and strategy to achieve it is the cornerstone of any business. However, many plans are based upon a collection of activities that an organization undertakes, and then waits to see what happens. Our experts in strategy planning have experience of planning at the highest levels in government, the military and commercial sectors. We bring structured, incisive methods to develop the most effective and targeted ways to turn your ambitions into reality.

Developing and Instigating an Operational Plan­

Moving from ideas to action is vital to success in business yet it can be challenging. Members of our team have made their reputation in achieving goals and mobilizing teams into successful action. We engage with leaders and teams to explore the key outcomes that they need to achieve, and then set priorities, allocate resources and maintain accountability.

Change Management

Change is the one constant in business but it often presents a huge organizational challenge. We work to change mindsets, and prepare teams and individuals for the stresses and pressures that come with change. Our success is measured by the creation of teams that are confident and assured in the face of uncertainty and ambiguity; teams that see change as a challenge to measure themselves by.

Creating a Shared Vision

When people know what their organization wants to achieve, and they are clear in their contribution to the overall aim, they feel confident and empowered to do their part. We work with leaders and teams to set a clearly defined vision, and to understand what actions are needed to supported this. This enables people to make everyday decisions that keep the shared vision in mind, matching their goals with the broader organizational needs.

Culture Building

Ignoring a company’s culture is risky. All teams and groups have a culture and getting this right is key; culture is the foundation upon which everything stands. We help organizations and teams give voice to their culture, protect what is good and to grow and develop areas they aspire to. Our team will explore what a culture actually looks like in actions and behaviours and then galvanize individuals to support and reflect it.

Creating a positive working environment which people value, protect and invest in

It sounds like a cliché but a happy workplace is a successful workplace! Teams that people enjoy being a part of and take pride in are more successful. This positive experience of success increases engagement and commitment to greater collective successes. We have a wealth of experience in understanding what people value and need from their work life, and can help you achieve this in your organization.


How we’ve helped

Teams engaged in commissioned based sales present some unique challenges in developing a collaborative approach. However, when sales teams have clear goals andpriorities, and understand how to achieve them, results are striking. We worked very closely with the Area Director of Investors Group Fredericton to clarify and strategize high priority and high pay off activities. Having established the success criteria, we worked with Divisional Directors developing a clear action plan. This measurable, goal focussed approach, was then cascaded throughout the organization. We supported this process by providing sessions on setting, analyzing and achieving realistic, well-formed goals.

We also developed communication skills across the organization to optimize their interactions with clients and each other. This improved their understanding of audience needs and ability to tailor their message appropriately.

‘The program made me a better leader and this led to better results within the organization. I can’t say enough about the profound yet simple difference the program has made both personally and professionally.’

Ian Wilson   CFP, Regional Director, Investors Group