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Developing Individual Talent, Leadership skills and Resilience

Developing a coaching approach to leadership

Coaching as a style of leadership creates an environment that maximizes the potential of your team members. It empowers people to problem solve and deliver clear, mutually agreed results. This gives leaders time and space to work on the key demands of their role, whilst they create a culture of accountability and interdependence. We can instil and develop a coaching culture within an organization that promotes real cultural change.

Executive coaching

One to one coaching assists leaders in gaining clarity of purpose whilst exploring not just the ‘what’ and ‘why’ but also the ‘how’. Coaching is a very powerful tool in any organization to understand the current context, identify the desired outcome, and strategize a path to success. We have certified Coaches that get great results working one to one.

Goal setting, time management and improving personal productivity

Finding order from apparent chaos is a key skill for any leader or team member. The demands of the modern workplace see people ruled by the ‘tyranny of the urgent’ where clarity, focus and a structured approach to workload are difficult to identify. We help people navigate this complexity by understanding their high pay-off activities and by ruthless prioritization and time management. Not only do we see productivity and profitability increase, we also see a happier, more engaged workforce.

Developing more effective communication skills

Good communication skills are vital in all walks of life. An understanding of how people like to be communicated with is a great start to getting your message across. Being able to adjust and nuance your message on the fly is a powerful skill. We help leaders understand how to most effectively deliver their messages, tailored to their audience and circumstances. We have made measurable increases in results for teams in both sales and client facing positions.

Improving personal impact and presentation skills

Over 90% of what people like about those who communicate with them comes from body language, intonation and tone of voice. These are skills that can be learned and developed by everybody to increase authenticity and confidence. We work with individuals and teams to improve their everyday communication skills, as well as preparing for a vital meeting, presentation or even a job interview.

Developing individual resilience through coaching – managing challenges and change, preventing stress leave and enabling a successful return to work.

Pressure in the modern workplace is at an all-time high. Coping with continual change and competing demands of a work-life balance is severely eroding the effectiveness of individuals and teams. We use a simple and effective measurement tool to assess the levels and type of stress that people are under. We can then target key issues and arm individuals and teams to not only survive challenge and change, but to thrive in a dynamic and complex environment. We can also use our team to coach individuals back to the workplace as they seek to return from ‘stress leave’. We give tools and strategies to maximise their effectiveness, make them more resilient and, most importantly, prevent further absences.


How we’ve helped

We are a development partner with LuminUltra, a fast moving, ambitious technology company. We have worked with the Director level of the company to develop their leadership skills, improve understanding of their key outputs, and how to galvanize and motivate their teams into results focussed action. This was further supported by an organizational climate survey to identify areas demanding attention. Concurrently the President and CEO also engaged us in a coaching role to assist him in exploring his ideas and decision making processes. In a company as dynamic as LuminUltra the effective translation of strategy into action is vital. We worked with department directors to explore the implementation of strategy where the rubber hits the road, creating clear operational plans that were cognisant of deadlines, resources and synchronization across the organization. Accelerated growth saw us engaged to assist in developing a five year strategy to set the direction of the business. Working with LuminUltra has required us to be as agile and adaptable as they are, meeting their leadership and organizational needs as a partner.


‘Ross has worked with us over the last couple of years to help us identify and develop our leadership skills. He has also helped us with simple effective strategies not only to identify our goals but to explore the detailed steps to achieving them. The clarity that we now have in turning strategy into measureable activities has made us more effective and accountable. As a coach Ross has helped me explore and develop my thinking to find clarity of purpose during a demanding time for LuminUltra’.

-Pat Whalen CEO and President, Atlantic Canada top 50 CEO.