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Inspirational Talks, Seminars & Presentations

Inspirational and Motivational talks

Our team has had some extraordinary experiences of leading and being part of teams. We tell our stories in an inspiring and accessible way, making the lessons we learned (sometimes the hard way!) into transferable and applicable leadership actions. Thought provoking and moving we really bring the realities of being in teams to life. We often deliver these speeches as an adjunct to other work we are doing with teams, to help us all get to know each other better.


Our knowledge of what it takes for teams and organizations to succeed comes from two places; real practical experience and an expert knowledge of academic and business theory. We can bring these together to create development seminars to inspire and motivate, complementing your meetings, away days or gatherings.

After dinner speeches

When you have the diverse and extraordinary backgrounds that we have in our team you have access to some incredible stories. We have the skills and experience to deliver these stories in a memorable way that is captivating and entertaining as well as informative.


I loved Ross’ stories and examples, they were really captivating and bought it all together.

Global Account Manager, Oil and Gas Services.