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Coaching Skills for Leaders | Lead Others


This course develops leader skills and competencies that create a ‘coaching culture’ to maximise individual and team potential.  Leaders learn and practice skills including: building rapport; motivating; question asking; goal setting; effective feedback and challenging.  A coaching culture develops self-leadership skills within teams, empowers problem solving and ensures clear goal setting and delivery of results. This creates capacity for ‘The Leader’ to focus their attention appropriately at the higher organizational level.

Duration: 2 Days, supported by 2 additional 1-on-1 executive coaching sessions.
Who is this course for?

  • Team Leaders, or those aspiring to leadership roles.
  • Completion of the Strength Deployment Inventory Course is a pre-requisite for this course.

What you will learn?

  • Applying a variety of coaching models and interventions, identify ways to build relationships, motivate people and achieve your goals through effective coaching.
  • Using case studies and role-playing scenarios, develop the key coaching skills to enhance those coaching relationships and deliver successful outcomes.
  • Develop and empower your team through positive, goal focused, and challenging coaching conversations.
  • Develop a plan to introduce an effective coaching culture in your team.
Suggested Follow on courses:
  • Executive Leadership Development