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Developing Personal Resilience | Lead Self


This workshop develops participants’ understanding and practical skills to manage pressure effectively. The Adroit Applied Resilience model is used, supported by psychometrics, to develop participants’ self-awareness and personal resilience. Participants learn why pressure becomes stress, how this is detrimental to wellbeing and performance, and how to avoid becoming stressed. Examples of how resilience skills have been employed in extreme environments are used to make learning memorable. Participants leave with practical strategies to support long-term resilience.

Duration: 1 Day
Who is this course for? Individuals or teams at all levels

What you will learn?

  • Explore resilience as a foundation for a healthy work-life balance.
  • Recognize the difference between pressure and stress.
  • Develop your personal resilience through awareness of Mental Toughness, Physical Robustness and Support Networks.
  • Identify practical strategies to support your personal resilience in the future.
  • Set personal resilience goals and develop a personal action plan to achieve them.
Suggested Follow on courses:
  • Leadership 101 – Essential Leadership Skills Development
  • Leading Resilience