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Improving Personal Effectiveness & Productivity | Lead Self


This course develops essential workplace skills that enable participants to carry out their roles more effectively.  The skills and competencies developed include: goal setting; time and resource management; managing priorities; and communication and assertiveness.  The role of collaborative working to achieve team goals is also explored.

Duration: 2 Day
Who is this course for? Individuals seeking to develop their personal effectiveness.

What you will learn?

  • Assess your current behaviour and performance at work.
  • Assess how they impact your effectiveness and outputs.
  • Introduce tool kits to enhance goal setting, time and resource management, and priorities.
  • Enhance Communication Skills.
  • Adopt positive workplace behaviours.
  • Develop personal goals and a plan for action.
Suggested Follow on courses:
  • Leadership 101 – Essential Leadership Skills Development
  • Strength Deployment Inventory – Communication, Relationship Awareness and Conflict Prevention