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Leadership 101 – Essential Leadership Skills Development | Lead Self


This course provides essential skills and competencies to transition from being a team member to a team leader.  Negotiating the challenge of leading former peers is explored. Participants also explore the difference between leadership and management, and the behaviour changes required to meet leader and supervisor responsibilities/expectations.  Skills developed include: managing time and competing priorities; delegating; having difficult conversations; giving effective feedback; leading by example and upholding organizational values and culture.

Duration: 2 Day
Who is this course for?

  • Individuals seeking to develop their leadership skills.
  • Completion of the Strength Deployment Inventory Course is highly recommended prior to attending this course.

What you will learn?

Skills developed will include:

  • Managing time and competing priorities;
  • Delegating;
  • Holding difficult conversations;
  • Giving effective feedback;
  • Leading by example and upholding organizational values and culture.
Suggested Follow on courses:
  • Strength Deployment Inventory – Communication, Relationship Awareness and Conflict Prevention