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Leading Resilience – Inspirational Talk | Lead Together


A 2 ½  Hour Inspirational talk exploring the role of leadership in shaping resilience. Real life examples are used to develop participants understanding of how to lead resilience. Personal resilience skills are introduced, helping leaders understand how to develop resilience in their team members.  How to build a team culture that supports resilience is also explored.

Duration: 2.5 Hours
Who is this course for? Team Leaders/Manager, and those aspiring to lead

What you will learn?

Skills developed will include:

  • Introduce resilience as a foundation for a healthy work-life balance, illustrated with stories from real life situations to exemplify theory into action.
  • Recognize the difference between pressure and stress.
  • Introduce practical strategies to support your personal resilience in the future.
Suggested Follow on courses:
  • Leadership 101 – Essential Leadership Skills Development
  • Leading a Resilient High Performing Team
  • Developing High Performing Teams