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Team Building – Indoors | Lead Together


This is an experiential training away day / retreat where teams have the opportunity to develop their communication, problem solving skills and relationships in a novel, challenging and fun environment. Successful teams and organizations need to be agile, embracing of challenges and open to change when circumstances demand. This training enables teams to practice creative thinking and be open to redefining their roles and relationships taking important lessons back to work.

Duration: 1 Day
Who is this course for? Intact Teams

What you will learn?

Skills developed will include:

  • Develop team goals, vision, mission and main effort through practical exercises.
  • Recognise what teams need to succeed and each team member’s role in achieving it.
  • Formulate plans and implement them rapidly.
  • Practice Collaborative problem-solving techniques and communication styles.
  • Evaluate internal and external barriers to team success.
  • Measure success and holding to account through appropriate challenge in real time exercises.
Suggested Follow on courses:
  • Coaching Skills for Leaders